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It's Not Just Politics

BWPAC's first video in our It's Not Just Politics series is available on YouTube!    


If you have been following us on Facebook or the website, you know that a great deal of time and effort has gone into the making of these videos, thanks to the volunteers who agreed to tell their stories and the fabulous team who donated countless hours to put it all together.


PLEASE SUPPORT US AND MAKE IT ALL WORTHWHILE. Take a few minutes to watch the video and then share via email, Facebook and Twitter to help us reach as many people as possible.


The 2012 election matters to all of us-to our families, our country, and our future. It will determine whether millions of families will be able to afford life-saving care when they get sick; whether our children will be able pay for college; whether jobs will be protected from outsourcing and government cutbacks; whether our daughters will have the same opportunities as our sons; whether we will have the right to marry whomever we choose; whether we will be allowed to work in the country in which we were raised; whether science will inform our policymaking; whether our children will have clean water, air, and energy; whether we will have the money to invest in education and our crumbling infrastructure; and whether Medicare and Social Security will be protected for middle-class Americans.  It will determine the makeup of the Supreme Court and therefore the court's decisions for decades. This election will decide the values that will define us as a nation for generations to come. 

The aim of our video series is to tell the stories of our volunteers and supporters.  Each of us has a story, a way in which our life, our family's lives and those of our friends or colleagues have been changed by legislation passed by this administration or whose lives would be affected if the Romney Ryan team wins in November.

It's Not Just Politics
It's Not Just Politics
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